Following the horrific mosque shooting in Christchurch, the Government of Canada updated the travel advisory for New Zealand to include new information about terrorism in the country. They also have new advice for any Canadians currently in New Zealand. 

Under the safety and security section of their travel advisory, they advise Canadians that a shooting took place at two mosques in Christchurch. If there are any Canadians in that area, they are advised to "follow the instructions or local authorities" and to "monitor local media, including social media."

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In that same section, they also updated their terrorism information. Now, the advisory reads, "the Government of New Zealand maintains a public alert system on terrorism. The current threat level is set to high due to shootings that occurred in 2 mosques in Christchurch on March 15, 2019." 

Despite the new information, the risk level remains at the lowest level of "exercise normal security precautions." This means that there are no significant safety concerns there and that the security situation there is the same as in Canada right now. That being said, New Zealand's terrorism threat is at a high level now while Canada's is set to Medium and has been since 2014. 

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Canada isn't the only country to update their travel advisories for New Zealand. In the United States, they have issued a security alert for Christchurch. They also advise people to follow local media for updates and information. They also suggest people in the area check in to let loved ones know they are safe. 

In the United States, they have the same level of advisory set for New Zealand as Canada does right now, which advises Americans to exercise normal precautions. 

In the UK they have also updated their travel advisory. They also inform British citizens of the shooting and say "if you are in the area you are advised to remain vigilant and follow the advice of local authorities." 

They also take it one step further than Canada or the United States saying "anyone worried that a British national may have been affected should call the New Zealand Police hotline: (+64) 0800 115 019 from within New Zealand or register with the Restoring Family Links (RFL) website from overseas."

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The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service updated the terrorist threat level to high today following the shooting which claimed the lives of 49 people in New Zealand. 

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