Canada is closed, at least when it comes to the border. As of April 17, the Canada-U.S. Border will reportedly remain closed for another 30 days. This comes just days after President Trump suggested that he wanted to re-open it soon. 

Sources told CTV News that the two countries reached an agreement that the current closure will be extended for at least another month. 

In late March, recreational travel came to a halt between the neighbouring countries. Exemptions were made for trade and essential workers like nurses or doctors who cross the border every day. 

About a month later, Canadians at multiple levels of government became concerned when Donald Trump announced that their northern border with Canada would be opening earlier than others since both countries were doing well. 

However, the Canadian federal government disagreed, and at a press conference in Ottawa, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland confirmed that only Canadians would decide when our country is open again. 

The sentiment was echoed by Ontario Premier Doug Ford who clearly stated that he didn't want Americans in his province until the COVID-19 pandemic was fully under control. 

Now it appears leaders on this side of the border are getting their way. 

The extension of the border closure has yet to be formally announced by either country.

However, during his daily conversation with the nation on April 17, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that he doesn't expect the border to open in the near future. 

"We do not feel that reopening the border any time soon is likely," he said.

While Trudeau didn't confirm whether a formal deal has been reached regarding an extension of the current restrictions he said that conversations are ongoing with the government's counterparts to the south. 

"Conversations are constant and ongoing with the American administration," he said. He also called the discussions "extremely aligned and extremely productive." 

The border between the two countries was officially closed on March 21. The original deal was set to expire in 30 days meaning it would run out on April 19. 



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