It appears that the long-lived stereotype that all Canadians are nice still lives on in 2018.

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Daily Mail, the second-biggest-selling newspaper in Britain, has just named Canada “the nicest place on the planet.” According to the article, the most stunning thing about Canada “isn’t the rugged landscape or the magnificent cities,” it’s how polite the people are.”

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It also mentions notable hotspots in the country such as the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise, Banff and the city of Vancouver. John Stapleton, the author of the article, spoke of his trip to Canada and had nothing but nice things to say about the northern country. Check out this flattering excerpt from the article:

“It’s an area renowned for its grizzly bears, awesome mountains and emerald lakes. But what they don’t advertise is that the Canadian Rockies are also redolent of a charming bygone age. 

There is little traffic, drivers give way to pedestrians and everyone is frightfully polite and helpful.

Indeed, if there is anywhere more hospitable than Banff, I have never been there. The city, as they call it, sits in the shadow of Mounts Rundle and Cascade in the Banff National Park, where, if you’re lucky, you can see grizzlies, elk and moose. Try as we might, we didn’t.”

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As nice as it is for Canadians to hear that people around the world still view them in a positive light, they are still aware that they are far from perfect in reality. Like any other country, Canada faces a slew of controversial social issues, from prominent racism to islamophobia.

Still, if there’s any stereotype to be associated with, it’s this one. Surely, the recognition is greatly appreciated!

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