If you've ever been watching a movie or TV and thought that certain sets looked vaguely familiar, you may be right. Canadian is a popular location for filming for a lot of movies. So popular in fact, that it was named the top filming location for US movies last year. 

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A report by FilmL.A. found that out of 100 movies released in the US in 2017, 20 of them were filmed in Canada, making it more popular than any US state. 

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FilmL.A. is a non-profit organization that has been tracking and reporting where feature films are made every year and this is the first year that Canada has made the top of their list. Second place went to the state of Georgia with 15 films, the UK tied with them also having 15 films. California came fourth with only 10 films being made there. 

Of the 20 movies that were filmed in Canada, almost all of them were made in British Columbia and Ontario. BC was the location for 11 feature films, with Ontario a close second with seven films, while Quebec and Manitoba were each home to one film. 

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The report also looks at why certain locations are more popular and while the scenery and natural landscapes definitely play a role in the decision, tax credits are a really big factor. While lots of US States offer tax credits for films, Canada was the first to offer a national tax credit for movies filming there. 

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Some of the most notable movies that have recently been filmed in Canada are Deadpool 2, IT, Mother!, Molly's Game, and The Shape of Water. 

Source: CBS

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