Summer may not officially be here yet, but it is definitely getting hotter. Canada's weather forecast for the day shows a number of regions getting heat warnings. That even includes one of the country's coldest regions.

According to Environment Canada's public weather alerts, six provinces, as well as Nunavut, will experience higher than normal temperatures over the next 24 hours.

The Kugluktuk area in the northern-most territory will experience some summer weather over the next two days.

The average seasonal high for this time of year in the region is somewhere around 10, but today and Thursday will have temperatures hitting in the 20s.

Even though it's known for its rough winters, Manitoba also has some areas that will see some intense heat.

The southeast corner of the province, which encompasses Winnipeg and Portage La Prairie, will have temperatures starting in the low 30s. A high humidex will continue to pull those up to the upper range.

Some relief will come later in the form of a cold front, which will move through later in the evening and cool things down.

Northern Ontario will also get some intensely hot weather for the next few days. Highs will be somewhere in the 30s, with lows of about 18.

Like Manitoba, the region will see a cold front moving in on Saturday to bring things down a little bit.

Southern Quebec will also be getting some of that mid-June heat, with areas like Montreal and Beauce dealing with humidex values that will drag the temperature up to 37.

Out east, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island will also be dealing with 30 degree heat, but without any oncoming cold fronts to provide some relief.

Environment Canada advises people to stay hydrated, schedule outdoor activities for the cooler parts of the day, and make sure their houses are sealed up if using air conditioning.

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