As any Canadian knows, spring does not mean that winter is over. That may sound contradictory, but Canada's weather forecast during this time of year can often be all over the place. There's even a massive system of snow moving in for the weekend.

According to The Weather Network, a massive band of snow stretching 3000 kilometres is heading for both Canada and the United States.

Environment Canada is predicting wet and snowy conditions from this system in some major cities across the country. Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal are all expected to see some rain and flurries on Friday or Saturday.

On the east coast, cities including St. John's, Halifax, and Charlottetown will most likely see some snow falling to start the weekend as well.

Residents of Newfoundland & Labrador's capital city have probably had enough snow for more than one year, but at least this time there won't be almost a metre of it piled on the ground.

The Weather Network states that this is due to the jet stream dropping down into the Gulf of Mexico.

This is causing more cold air to fill the northern region, leading to the lower-than-normal temperatures experienced this week.

While this spring has been cold, and there has already been some snow on the ground, Environment Canada has also optimistically predicted a hot summer, with plenty of good "beer-drinking" weather in store.

The question is whether the strict social distancing rules that Canadians have been following will be lifted in time to truly enjoy the warm, sunny days to come.

In his daily address to Canadians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has suggested that it could still be weeks before things can start slowly returning to normal.

At least having some less-than-desirable spring weather has made it somewhat easier to remain inside unless absolutely necessary.

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