The internet is a global phenomenon, that's why they call it the world wide web. Different countries have different rules when it comes to the internet and some are better than others. 

While it's not necessarily a competition, if it were Canada would totally be winning and here's why. 

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First off, as of June 19th Marijuana became legal in Canda. Making it legal for those in Canada to purchase cannabis and posses as much as 30 grams at one time. Products legally purchased will also be shareable with other legal adults. 

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Secondly, Canadians will be able to buy their weed online! Now that we have fully legalized marijuana, Canadians will be able to order it online. In fact, Canada Post already delivers medical marijuana to registered users, so this will be an easy next step when the green stuff is officially allowed on October 17. This service doesn't exist even in American states where marijuana is legalized. 

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And to say Americans are jealous is an understatement: 

Americans are falling in love with Canada for a variety of reasons and legal marijuana use is definitely one of them. 

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