Whether you like it or not, Canada's winter forecast is going to include snow, and that means that drivers need to think about changing the tires on their car.

The rule of thumb for putting winter tires on your vehicle is that once the temperature dips below seven degrees, it's time to make the switch.

According to Environment Canada's latest weather report, that seems to be the case for cities across Canada.

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Below 7 degrees

Temperature when winter tires should be put on

The only place that hasn't quite dropped below the seven degree threshold appears to be southern British Columbia, however residents there may have put their winter tires on already anyway.

That's because starting on October 1, motorists are required to have made the switch if they are driving on a number of different highways in the province.

Quebec also requires vehicles to have the seasonal tires put on for the season, but the rule does not come into effect until December 1.

Getting your car ready for winter driving is essential for road safety during the colder season.

They'll be especially useful this year, because like it or not, Canadians are going to be dealing with plenty of snow.

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