University is expensive. Anyone who is a student or recent graduate knows first hand that tuition is a huge financial hit. By the end of your four or five years at school, you may have racked up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. 

Not all schools are the same though, and neither are all the provinces. While universities are a private entity to a degree, they are also funded in part by the provincial governments. Those two factors mean that every school has its own tuition rates for students but, in general, they are in the same ballpark in the province.

Of course across the country, there are a number of different ballparks in play. Tuition rates are completely different from coast to coast with some being astronomically higher than others.

Ranked from most expensive to the cheapest, these are the average tuition rates in each Canadian province. 

1. Ontario

Not surprisingly, Ontario has both the most universities out of all the provinces and the highest tuition. The average yearly tuition among 21 schools is $8434. 

That being said in Ontario, two Christian universities are driving up the average. Tyndale and Redeemer both have tuition over $22,000. Without those two schools, the average tuition would only be $7592.

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2. Alberta 

Like Ontario, Alberta has a higher average tuition rate. Out of 10 schools, the average yearly tuition is $8168. Also like Ontario though, Alberta has three Christian universities with exceedingly high tuition costs that drive up the average. Without those three schools, it would only be $5967, which is actually pretty low in Canada. 

3. Nova Scotia

This may be surprising to some, but unlike other Atlantic provinces, Nova Scotia schools have really high tuition rates. Out of nine schools, the average tuition is $7734. That's only for Nova Scotia residents, though. If you're an out of province student, you're actually looking at $8867 for the year. That number is actually the highest in all of Canada. 

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4. New Brunswick

Despite being one of the smaller provinces in Canada, New Brunswick still falls near the top of the tuition list. At its four universities, the average tuition is $7520. For out of province students, that average is only moderately higher at $7613. 

5. British Columbia

Shockingly, BC just barely cracks the top half of this list. Despite an expensive cost of living and insane rental and housing prices, tuition in BC is relatively low compared to the rest of the country. In the province's 12 schools, the average rate is only $7193. 

Just like in Alberta and Ontario though, BC is also home to a Christian university with astronomical tuition. If you take out Trinity Western University, with it's $22,000 tuition the average goes down to a very low $5769. 

6. Saskatchewan

Coming in at number six on the list, Saskatchewan's tuition is pretty average. Out of the provinces two main schools, the average tuition is $7136. This is a much higher rate than at individual schools in BC or Alberta, though. 

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7. Prince Edward Island

In PEI, the average tuition cost is incredibly easy to calculate. With only one school, their tuition rate of $7082 automatically becomes the average tuition for the whole province. Though it's lower down on the list, like Saskatchewan this rate is higher than other individual schools, say in BC for example. 

8. Manitoba

Manitoba's average yearly tuition is much lower than it's neighbours at only $6333, out of the province's five schools. While it's closer to the bottom of the list, it's still a fairly average cost in comparison to the rest of Canada. 

9. Newfoundland

Just like PEI, there is only one school in Newfoundland. Unlike PEI, Newfoundland's one and only school has a very low average tuition rate at only $3400 for the year.

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10. Quebec

One of the most surprising things on this list is Quebec's tuition rates. It depends where you are from, though. If you are a Quebec resident you get to enjoy the lowest average tuition rate in Canada at only $3374. 

Don't think you can apply to Quebec schools to get some cheaper tuition, though. For out of province students, the average tuition is a whopping $8847. This makes it the highest tuition in Canada, meaning Quebec is at both the top and the bottom of this list. 

There are a number of factors that determine how much your tuition is going to cost. Among them is where you live, whether you're a resident of that province, the school you're going to, and the specific program you're in. While these averages can't tell you at that, it's at least an idea of where to start. If you're wanting to save a few bucks, I'd recommend Newfoundland. 

Source: The Globe And Mail

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