Speaking to the media on Thursday, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister made one thing very clear — it will not be up to U.S. President Donald Trump to make decisions about Canada’s borders reopening. "Decisions about Canada's border are taken by Canadians. Full stop," she said.

In an address on April 15,  President Donald Trump spoke to reporters about reopening the borders between the U.S. and Canada.

He described the relationship between the two countries as “very good,” adding that “it will be one of the early borders to be released.”

However, the President’s opinion on the border seems to be a little different from that of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who previously told Canadians that it would be “weeks” before life starts to return to normal.

Addressing the discrepancy on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland wanted to make one thing very clear.

"What I can guarantee is ... decisions about Canada's border are taken by Canadians. Full stop," she told reporters.

Freeland continued, “When it comes to easing border restrictions of all kinds, our government will only do that when it is appropriate and when it is not a risk to the health and safety of Canadians.”

During her address, Deputy Minister Freeland reassured Canadians that discussions with the U.S., particularly with regard to border restrictions, continued to be amicable. 

“The relationship has been extremely friendly, extremely neighbourly, and extremely effective.”

She also noted that the travel restrictions at the border, which were implemented last month, appear to be working effectively.

“We have a huge decrease in travel across the border,” she added.

On Thursday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford also acknowledged Donald Trump's comments about the border.

When asked by reporters what course of action the prime minister should take if President Trump were to move to reopen the borders, Ford stated, "Trudeau should say no right away. Until we have this under containment, we need to have our borders closed."

"The answer is absolutely not. I don't want them [Americans] in Ontario. I want to protect the people of Ontario first," he added.

For the time being, it seems no drastic decisions are going to be made.

In a press conference earlier this week, the PM explained, "If we reopen too soon, everything we're doing now might be for nothing. We're making sacrifices, we're there for each other, we need to hold on."

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