Getting through the current pandemic hasn't proven to be easy. Canada's COVID-19 cases are on the decline, but people are still dealing with the virus individually. Some who have had symptoms for months are calling on the country's top doctors for more research and assistance.

In an open letter dated June 30 and addressed to Dr. Theresa Tam, along with every provincial health officer, more than 50 Canadians revealed that they have been dealing with symptoms of the virus for months.

They are asking for coordinated research into long-term illness caused by COVID-19, as well as additional medical care for those with lasting symptoms and standards for making a diagnosis without using a test.

"We also call for greater public awareness of the potential for prolonged symptoms and for public health guidelines to be updated to ensure that physicians, policy makers, and employers are aware that some individuals experience long COVID-19 illnesses," the letter reads.

It goes on to note that while two weeks is the generally agreed-upon timeframe for symptoms, some people have experienced mild symptoms for much longer.

According to the letter, these include "fever and profuse sweating," "persistent cough, shortness of breath, and lung pain," and "extreme fatigue, and insomnia or difficulty sleeping," among others.

"Some of us have children and family members with
similar symptoms and ongoing health issues; others have experienced this journey alone," the letter states.

"What we all share in common is an extremely prolonged experience of COVID-19 symptoms and a need for answers
and medical support," it says. 

The situations described in the letter are similar to a CTV report of a Cambridge, Ontario woman who continued to test positive for the virus for months while still experiencing mild symptoms.

Many areas of the country have moved further into their reopening plans.

However, even after reporting zero cases, Kingston, Ontario saw a new outbreak linked to a nail salon.

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