We'd like to think that the country is leading the way when it comes to climate change. However, the truth is that Canada is falling way short when it comes to making the necessary changes to reduce emissions. Among the G20 countries, Canada's emissions targets are some of the least likely to be reached.

According to the 2019 Brown to Green report, released by Climate Transparency, many of the G20 nations are falling short of their stated 2030 goals. However, Canada is by far one of the worst countries when it comes to making progress on reducing emissions.

It's not all that surprising, considering that Canada's climate change plan was considered to be one of the worst in the entire world.

The report shows that Canada's stated goals would not be enough as it is to meet the current 2030 and 2070 goals. However, almost every G20 country has set their goals far too low, according to Climate Transparency's findings.

In addition, the report states that greenhouse gas emissions in Canada increased by 17% from 1990 to 2016. 

Canada's rate of emissions per capita from vehicles and buildings are both far higher than the G20 average. Similarly, the industry sector in Canada is responsible for a fifth of the country's carbon dioxide emissions, and rose 4% between 2011 and 2016.

The report also focused on Canada's dependence on fossil fuels, stating that they are responsible for 76% of Canada's energy mix. The report also adds that this number has not declined in the last ten years.

According to CBC News, the Prime Minister has promised that Canada is going to do better, and that the country will reach net zero emissions by 2050 rather than 2070. However, he has not elaborated on how this goal will be achieved.

A study recently showed that less than 10% of all the plastic in Canada is actually recycled. Likewise, a study discovered that plastic particles were present in rain that fell in Canada.

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