There are a lot of reasons to love fall: Pumpkin spice lattes, the leaves changing colours, a slight chill in the air, a reason to finally break out the infinity scarf... Well, anyone who is in love with Canada's fall season is getting some good news from The Weather Network with their forecast for 2019. Apparently, this is going to be a long, mild fall that is going to be just beautiful. Of course, it's going to lead into a very cold winter, because nothing is free.

Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network, said in a press release that Canadians should not feel too worried about the early appearance of fall weather. "This fall will still include extended stretches of pleasant weather to go along with the inevitable periods of unsettled weather," he said. "However, Canadians should be sure to get outside and savour the mild weather while it lasts, because a cold winter is looming for much of the country."

While a cold winter will hit Canadians from the central prairies to the east coast, Canadians on the west coast will enjoy mild to normal temperatures during most of the cold weather season.

British Columbia can expect a milder than average fall. However, there will be higher than normal rainfall to go with the sunny days. Winter is expected to be fairly normal, though there may be periods of colder than normal weather.

The prairies will also see some milder than average weather during the fall season, but there may be a big change midseason. According to Accuweather, October will bring a surge of colder weather to the prairies, which are also expected to see less rainfall than the west coast.

This dry weather could worsen some pockets of drought that have appeared across the region, according to the Canadian Drought Monitor. Winter will bring average temperatures but may be colder further east.

In Atlantic Canada, residents can also expect some nice mild weather, albeit with some heavy periods of rainfall due to tropical moisture. However, winter temperatures will be fairly normal, which will be a nice reprieve from the trouble Hurricane Dorian caused along the coast.

While most Canadians will be happy to hear about all this great fall weather, it's good to keep in mind that winter weather can change at a moment's notice, so you should always be aware of the day's weather when making any plans.

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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