For many people, watching the federal election leaders’ debates can be a necessary evil. While they can be pretty boring, and can just feature hours and hours of seemingly endless bickering and pettiness, they are useful to watch to properly understand the party leaders’ positions on some of Canada’s most  important issues! 

Thankfully, Canadian Twitter users have come up with the ultimate drinking game to help each other get through Thursday night's first federal leaders' debate, and you’ll probably be pretty drunk by the end!

In order to make the whole event a little bit more exciting, Canadians took to Twitter to share tips for a ‘mega debate drinking game,’ and the results have ended up being pretty hilarious!

The premise of the game is simple, take a sip, or a shot if you’re feeling extra reckless, every time one of the leaders says, or does, something in particular. The result, you can spot any repetitive actions, and get drunk on the way!

It didn’t take long for Canadians to step up when it came to the leaders’ debate drinking game, and within minutes of the debate starting there was already plenty of ideas for when players should take a shot!

For example, one user tweeted, “National Leaders Debate drinking game: take a shot every time Scheer starts complaining about Justin Trudeau from out of nowhere.”

Another went down a similar path, adding, “Debate drinking game: take a shot every time Scheer says Trudeau!”

If you weren’t pretty drunk playing by the ‘Scheer mentions Trudeau’ rule alone, several other Twitter users had some ideas to really get you swigging your debate-drinks. One Canadian suggested, “#Firstdebate drinking game is: drink every time a candidate bashes China.”

Another person thought Jagmeet Singh’s stories deserved to be part of the ultimate Canadian drinking game, writing, “Drinking game: take a shot every time @theJagmeetSingh tells an anecdote about a voter he’s met.”

If you managed to miss out on this epic ultimate Canadian drinking game, don’t worry! There are still several leaders debates to get drunk during! The party leaders, including Justin Trudeau this time, will meet again on October 7th for the official English language debate.

Expect more of the same rules and some additional extras especially for Trudeau! Grab your friends, grab your beer, and prepare to get debate-drunk!

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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