Just because a housing market is super expensive doesn't mean it's super hot. What determines the competitiveness of Canadian housing markets is the ratio of listings to sales. 

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A ranking of the country's most competitive markets just came out and shockingly, Vancouver and Toronto didn't even make the list. 

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Based on the percentages of house sales, the most competitive market in Canada is actually London/St. Thomas, Ontario, with 78% of the houses that are listed being sold. 

The next most competitive markets were Greater Montreal with 73% and Ottawa and Trois Rivieres, Quebec tying for third with 72% of listings being sold. 

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Vancouver and Toronto weren't even on that list, rather they were listed among Canada's least competitive markets. Vancouver was the second least in all the country with only 43% of houses being sold while Toronto had just slightly more with 50%. 

The absolute least competitive housing market in the entire nation was in Newfoundland, where only 35% of listed homes were sold. 

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In real estate terms, this means that both Toronto and Vancouver have balanced markets. Any market over 60% is a seller's market while anything under 40% is a buyers market, so right now buying in either of those cities means you have pretty good chances. 

Source: Huffington Post

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