Our world is more connected today than it has ever been in the entire history of human beings. Need to talk to your relative on the other side of the planet? video chats and email can connect you in a matter of seconds.

It’s something that’s become so normal now that we don’t even really think about how amazing it is that we can reach anyone at any time as long as they have either cell service or some kind of internet connection.

However things are getting even more connected in Canada with the introduction of a new cellphone emergency alert system that is starting TODAY!  

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Starting today the National Public Alerting System — also know as Alert Ready — will be connected to all wireless networks instead of just TV and Radio.

In case of something like a natural disaster, amber alerts or some kind of terrorist attack officials will be able to send an alert to the phone of everyone in the area telling them what is happening or what to do to keep themselves safe. 

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There will apparently a test of the system next month during the week of May 6th, so don’t be surprised if your phone suddenly receives some kind of test alert during that week.

And don’t worry, you won’t be billed at all for any kind of alert you receive from this system.  

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This is a 100% free service that could end up saving your life if the worst should happen.

So with more connection comes more safety apparently. 

Source: National Post

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