This past Spring Canada's first ever ultra low cost airline started offering the cheapest domestic flights this country has ever seen! They've been a huge hit since then and it's clear why. It's been incredibly expensive for Canadians to travel within our own country for so long, but no anymore thanks to Swoop Airlines! 

This fall they've added 5 US destinations just in time for the holidays, when everyone wants to escape the chill of winter and spend a week or two lounging on a beach. To kick off September and their new destinations they're holding a massive September Sale that's almost too good to be true! 

The sale ends on September 13th, just 3 days from now so if you want to take part in these insane prices, now is your chance! 

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The guidelines of the sale are that you must fly anytime between September 22-December 13th and January 13th-February 12th which gives you a lot of options. All the flights offered are one way but they're still amazing deals. 

You can get flights to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida for $89, Las Vegas for $99, Mesa, Phoenix for $119 and so much more! Most of these flights leave from either Hamilton or Edmonton so you should definitely make sure they have the route you need to get to your destination and back. 

If you're not looking to leave Canada for your vacation, this sale offers destinations in the country as well. Travel from Edmonton to Winnipeg and back for $49, Edmonton to Hamilton for $99 and the best deal on the site: Abbotsford to Edmonton for just $9!! 

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These are some seriously amazing deals to beachfront locations just when the weather here in Canada is starting to cool down. Check out their website for more deals and to book your flight! 


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