With Canada's no-fly list system, changes are coming to stop people from being falsely flagged at airports when they're travelling.

Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair announced that the Secure Air Travel Act, which is most commonly known as the no-fly list, is going to be the government's responsibility now.

That's because people had said they felt they were falsely flagged by the system during security screenings at airports and it caused flight delays and emotional distress.

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Canadians should feel safe and free of discrimination at all times, but especially during security screening at the airport.

Bill Blair

With the old system, airlines used the list as part of their own screening process but now that responsibility will be under the government's control and the new Canadian Travel Number has been created.

People will be given unique numbers if they think they're falsely flagged by the no-fly list that they can then use when booking a flight to differentiate themselves from people on the list.

That is meant to reduce travel delays and distress that people feel.

If this is something that applies to you, you can get a number online and the application will launch on the government's Public Safety website within the next two weeks.

The new screening system is starting in late November.

Canada is still warning against all non-essential travel outside of the country until further notice.

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