What started out as a light-hearted joke and the official Twitter page of Canada's attempt to be #hip and #upwiththetrends has ended up backfiring big time. Surprisingly enough it all started when a Canadian artist that goes under the Twitter handle @DMACalvert posted these photos of "Canadian Pokémon" that he drew up who at first glance seemed harmless. 

Canadian Pokémon from r/canada

The photos quickly went viral on both the Canadian Twitterverse and Reddit, so the official Twitter account for Canada decided to jump in on the fun because "hey, what could go wrong?!" Turns out a lot can go wrong and it totally did. While most of the Pokémon were in the clear for being both cute and non-offensive, one pokémon struck a chord with the Maritimes as it was named "Newfie." 

"Newfie" is seen by many as a derogatory term that was used in the past and since then has been an extremely problematic term that bothers a ton of Newfoundlanders. Considering it is open knowledge, people were stunned that the official twitter account for Canada no less could be that ignorant by sharing it! People were quick to react to their choice to share the article and were clearly not impressed: 

While they have since deleted the tweet, they haven't spoken about it since and probably won't address it considering it's probably best just trying to put it behind them. The Pokémon definitely were a cute take at first glance on typical Canadian tropes but that artist is probably seriously regretting that "Newfie" pokémon. 

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