Canadians can feel proud for another year in a row, as Canada's quality of life was once again voted the best in 2019 by US News, in partnership with BAV and the Wharton School. This year marks the fourth consecutive year that Canada has taken the number one spot on the list.  

The ratings for a country's quality of life are based on nine metrics including affordability, political stability, and education systems. According to the report, Canada ranked in the top ten for eight out of the nine metrics (it was edged out on affordability by some Asian countries).

Previously, Narcity reported on Canada's number one rating in 2018, noting that Canada had beat out all of the nordic European countries including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. But how does the average Canadian feel about this rating? A Reddit user posed this question on the Canada subreddit, asking Canadians who have lived elsewhere how they feel about it.

Interestingly, there were a variety of responses from people who agreed with the rating and those who thought that it was ignoring some of the smaller details of Canadian life.

At least one person adamantly agreed that Canada was by far the best place to live in the world.

Some users shared stories about how their work benefits with Canadian companies blew the American ones out of the water.

Then there were those who solidly disagreed with the ranking, pointing to Canada's shortcomings on education (particularly post-secondary), healthcare, and environmental protection.

Some responses pointed out that Canadians might feel better about their own country because they only compare it to the US.

One sticking point for at least a few users was the fact that quality of life in Canada depends a lot on wealth and how much someone earns.

Even with some objections to the ranking, the general opinion appears to be that Canada is a pretty great place to live.

Will Canada maintain its spot at number one next year? It's anyone's guess, but right now, Canadians can feel pretty good about themselves.

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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