It's a rat race no one wants to win. Canada's rat populations are all over the place and one pest control company just released its rankings of which cities have it the worst. Whether it's in Ontario, B.C., or Atlantic Canada, rodents are a problem everywhere. 

Orkin Canada put out their lists for those three regions, highlighting which cities in each area had the biggest rodent problem. 

The findings are based on how many residential and commercial calls for mice and rat removal the company got in the year from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020.

They then order the cities based on where they had the most calls. 

While there's no national list comparing the calls across the country, they break down some of the "rattiest" spots regionally. 

For Ontario, that included the 25 most rodent-heavy hot spots. 

Four out of five of the top towns are in the GTA with Toronto coming in at number one. 

That's followed by Mississauga, Scarborough, London and then Etobicoke. 

Outside of the GTA, Windsor came in 10th, Ottawa came in 12th, Barrie came in 17th, and Timmins closed out the list in the 25th spot. 

Over in B.C., the pest control company put out the top 20 rattiest regions. 

Vancouver took first place for the fourth year in a row. Then it was Victoria, Burnaby, Richmond and Surrey rounding out the top five. 

On the island, Duncan, Sidney, and Nanaimo all landed in 14th, 16th, and 17th place, respectively. 

Powell River closed out this ranking in 20th. 

The last ranking is for Atlantic Canada, revealing the top 15 cities for mice and rat calls in Nova Scotia, P.E.I., New Brunswick and Newfoundland. 

Unfortunately for that last province, St. John's takes the top spot for this region. 

Then, in second place it's Moncton, NB followed by Halifax, NS in third, Saint John, NB in fourth, and Dartmouth, NS in fifth. 

P.E.I. also made an appearance on the list with Charlottetown in sixth, Kensington in eighth, Summerside in ninth, and Kinkora in 13th. 

No matter what city you're in, 2020 has been an interesting year for the pest control company. 

Along with the rankings, Orkin Canada revealed that the pandemic has pushed rodents closer to home. 

"As a result of the decrease in restaurant and overall business waste due to COVID-19, rodents have migrated to a greater degree to residential neighbourhoods with higher than usual waste from people working and studying from home," the company said. 

As if 2020 wasn't bad enough. 

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