The son of a Canadian real estate mogul was found guilty of torturing his fiancee to death in front of their newborn daughter. He's reportedly facing an onslaught of criminal charges, including first-degree murder, mayhem, and torture. He will be sentenced on June 26th, and faces the possibility of life in prison. 

The murderer in question is 37-year-old Blake Liebel, a graphic novelist, living in Los Angeles off of an $18,000 a month allowance from his father. Liebel's best-selling novel is about a serial killer who slit his own throat and hung himself - which District Attorneys on the case have called a "blueprint" for his fiancee's murder.

Liebel's fiancee, 30-year-old Ukranian model Iana Kasian, had given birth to their daughter just three weeks before she was murdered. Kaisan's autopsy results indicated that she died from blunt trauma to the head, and "had portions of her face torn off."

Police arrived to their apartment and were likely traumatized by what they saw. Kasian's cut up body parts were everywhere - on the bed, behind the mattress, on the floor, and in 11 trash bags. Police discovered chunks of her hair and scalp in the bags, ready to be thrown out like she was nothing more than garbage.

Via Iana Kasian, Facebook

“He threw away pieces of his fiancée like she was trash,” the District Attorney said in court, “The mother of his newborn baby. He is a monster.”

Reports suggest that Liebel killed her because he was jealous of losing her attention to their baby. “The amount of cutting and tearing, the violence involved; that’s a lot of anger because she no longer was making him the number one most important thing in her life.”

Via Iana Kasian, Facebook

Thankfully, three-week-old Diana is safe and physically unharmed.


Source: PEOPLE


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