You can expect a lot of things when it comes to fall but we don't think Canadians were expecting snow storms or 30°C temperatures especially in fall. Canada's weather conditions are all over the place for the first day of October. Some Canadians will need sunscreen while some will need parkas. 

It's not unusual to see temperature variations across Canada, it's a pretty big country, after all. But to see a temperature difference of about 43°C between Alberta and Ontario is wild. 

It's officially fall in Canada but southern Ontario is seeing summer weather while southern Alberta is seeing winter weather. 

At noon (eastern time) on October 1, the hot spot in Canada was Chatham-Kent, Ontario with a temperature of 30.1°C. The cold spot in the country was Barons, Alberta with a temperature of -13.6°C. That's a huge 43°C difference.

On one end of the spectrum, the heat in southern Ontario has the potential to break records according to The Weather Network. Heat and humidity return to the region for a day with temperatures just below or at 30°C and humidex values closer to 40°C. Seems more like summer than it does fall.

Meanwhile, Alberta is home to the coldest spot in the country. This temperature well into the minuses comes after a massive snowstorm blanketed the southern part of the province with snow over the weekend.

The snow totals are shocking, especially when you remember it was still September when it all came down. Lethbridge got more than 45 centimetres of snow and Waterton Park got 95 centimetres. 

And the winter-like conditions persist in the region.  

If you live in Ontario and are ready for the warm temperatures to get lost, The Weather Network is calling this the last hot day of the year for the province. 

So, temperatures are expected to dip down to what's expected for October with summer temperatures unlikely to make a reappearance. 

But on the other end of the spectrum, there's some winter weather coming into play

"There's actually more Canadian provinces that could possibly see some snowfall as the temperature pattern cools off in the east this week," said meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg.

Though the snowfall amounts won't be anywhere close to what came down in Alberta, northern Quebec and parts of western Newfoundland could see some snow this week. 

As some parts of the country are dealing with winter and some are dealing with summer, if people want fall they'll have to make do with using their imaginations at least for this week. 

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