We've barely even started fall but that's not stopping talk of winter from creeping up on us. An early look into what the season could hold for Canadians is here. Canada's winter forecast is pretty different across the country.

The Weather Network snuck in a preview about the upcoming winter season into the fall forecast for this year. Canadians are being told to take advantage of the periods of good weather that will be seen during fall because winter isn't looking so good in some parts of the country. 

There's no way to know for sure what winter or any other season will bring but The Weather Network wants you to know all the possibilities from temperatures to precipitation. 

In its fall forecast, The Weather Network said that most parts of Canada can expect to see some mild weather for most of the season. 

Even though we still have a few months of fall to get through and winter doesn't officially arrive until Dec. 21, it's never too early to start mentally preparing yourself for winter.

Canadians who live east of the Rockies can expect a regular cold winter or one that's colder than normal "with a heightened potential for extended periods of severe cold."

B.C., Yukon and parts of the North West Territories and Alberta can expect higher than normal temperatures for the winter season. However, western Canada is the exception this year.


"It does not look like a mild winter for most of the country," said meteorologist Doug Gillham.

Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Atlantic Canada and small parts of Quebec could see near-normal temperatures for the season. But Ontario, Manitoba and most of Quebec are expected to have temperatures below normal. 

Winter weather isn't just about temperatures, it's also about what could possibly fall from the clouds.

At the end of August, the Farmers' Almanac called this winter a "wild ride" and that most parts of Canada could see normal amounts of winter precipitation. 


The Weather Network calls the month of December a wild card because it can be "mild or wild" but for this winter, "We do not expect the winter pattern to lock in until January, and we expect that a warm pattern over the eastern U.S. will fight back against winter and prevent consistent cold weather from the Great Lakes to the Maritimes in December."

So if you live in a part of Canada that is expected to see below-normal temperatures, you might not have to deal with the winter weather until January. 

That's almost a silver lining. 

Although Canada is often called the Great White North and we should be used to winter and all it brings, not everyone in the country is winter's biggest fan.

So it's best to be prepared and know in advance what you can expect out of winter where you live. 

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