Famous Canadian actor Simu Liu, who has captured the heart of many in his popular role in "Kim's Convenience", has just announced that he has been cast as the newest Marvel superhero. Liu, a Mississauga native, will be starting as Shang-Chi in the upcoming movie "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings". Since the announcement, Canadians have been ecstatic about a fellow Canadian scoring the role. 

On Saturday, Marvel Studios announced the good news at the San Diego Comic-Con, and Liu followed suit by announcing the news on his personal Twitter account.

Back in December, Simu Liu tweeted at Marvel, asking to talk about staring as Shang-Chi in the upcoming movie, stating "Okay Marvel, are we going to talk or what? #ShangChi". On Saturday, over six months later, Simu Liu responded back to the Tweet, stating "Thanks for getting back to me."  

While many of you may know Simu Liu from the famous Canadian based show that has been topping charts, "Kim's Convenience", as the brother Jung, Liu will be taking his acting skills to a whole other level in this new Marvel movie. 

On Saturday night, his co-star from "Kim's Convenience", Andrew Phung, spoke out about the casting at a Toronto improv show, stating, "He's heading off to play a Marvel superhero, but he'll always be Jung to us." 

"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" will be joining the phase four slate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie will be the third film in this phase, releasing right after the movie "Eternals". It will showcase superhero Shang-Chi facing off against the Ten Rings organization that was first introduced in the famous "Iron Man" movie. 

Shang-Chi was originally introduced to the Marvel Universe back in 1973 when he appeared in the Marvel comics. 

Since the exciting news has been released, Canadians have been overjoyed that Liu was able to score the part, and many can't wait for the movie to hit theaters. 

According to Cnet, Liu will be the first Asian lead in a Marvel movie. 

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