Today, the federal Minister of Transport announced new rules that will soon be put in place to protect Canadian travelers when it comes to delays, cancellations and baggage damages. One of these new regulations will require airlines to pay passengers if their flights have been canceled or delayed. These new regulations are set to become law by the end of this year. 

According to Global News Marc Garneau, the federal minister of transport, released an updated version of 'Air Passenger Protection Regulations' which implement a number of changes to help protect Canadian travelers. While these new regulations were released today, they are not yet law.  

However, Garneau states that some of these changes will be put in place by July 15, while the rest of the rules will become law on December 15. 

The biggest change out of these new proposed regulations is that airlines would now be required to compensate passengers if they cancel or delay flights. However, passengers will only be able to collect compensation if the delays are in the control of the airline and are not related to safety. 

If you're flying with a large airline and your flight gets delayed or canceled, you could be eligible to claim up to $1,000. 

According to Global this new regulation means that those in large airlines who have their flight delayed for 3-6 hours could claim $400, 6-9 hours could claim $700 and 9 hours or over could claim $1000 worth of compensation. For small airlines, passengers would be compensated up to $500. 

However, in order for a passenger to get their compensation, they have to file a claim within one year of the date when your flight was delayed or canceled. 

Along with this regulation, airlines will also be required to inform passengers of a delayed flight as soon as possible, and then update the passenger on the status of the flight every 30 minutes. 

Global also states that airlines would also be required to pay up to $2,100 for lost or damaged baggage on a domestic flight and international flights. 

One other notable change that the Minister of Transport has outlined is that airlines would only be able to hold passengers on board an aircraft for three hours and forty-five minutes and food and drink must be provided. 

Garneau states that "in no circumstances will airlines be permitted to exceed" this time. 

Flight delays are a common occurrence for travelers and just last month Narcity reported on how Air Canada was named one of the worst airlines in the world for flight delays. 

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