Ever since the so-called Trade War began between the United States and Canada, people have been boycotting American stores, products, and companies as a way to protest Donald Trump. 

Along with the boycott, people have been suggesting Canadian retailers people can go to instead. But one suggestion has been a little unclear. 

One Twitter user suggested going to Tim Horton's instead of Starbucks, but people's first reaction was the Tim's is American so really we should be boycotting them too. Here is where it gets tricky though. 

Tim Horton's famously merged with Burger King in 2014, sparking anger all over Canada. Burger King is an American company, so by that standard, they should be boycotted. But Burger King is owned by a Brazilian company, and therefore not actually American, so we could technically keep going there. 

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To complicate the matter even further, the new company that was formed out of the Burger King-Tims merger, while still owned by Brazilians, is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, and officially considered a Canadian multi-national company. Therefore we should go there to support Canadians. 

The final element is that regardless of who owns the company, each individual Tim Hortons franchise is most likely owned by a local Canadian business owner, and because of that they don't deserve to be boycotted. 

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So basically Tim Hortons is founded in Canada, merged with an American company, owned by a Brazilian company, headquartered in Canada, and run and staffed locally by Canadians. Should it be boycotted? We have absolutely no idea. 

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