If you've ever wanted to join the Canadian army reserves or even just learn about what the reserves do, your opportunity is here. A nationwide Canadian army job fair is happening on Saturday, September 28. The huge event is happening across the country and the Canadian army is looking to hire people for its reserve. 

The job fair is happening on September 28 and is paired with an open house, where armouries in all provinces and one territory will be opening their doors for people to come in and learn more about becoming an army reservist. 

Being part of the army reserve means that you help domestically whenever the army is called on. That could mean providing assistance with natural disasters like flooding and other things that provinces and cities need help with. The Army Reserve was even called in for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. 

The Army Reserve is looking to hire army communication and information systems specialists, engineers, armoured soldiers, gunners, and signals officers. There are also a number of trade jobs that are available. 

Canadian citizens from age 17 to 57 are eligible to join the Army Reserve. The Army compares joining the Reserve to starting a second career because you only have to work one night a week and one weekend a month.

As a reservist, you are not required to accept positions that would take you out of your community or on overseas missions like regular Force members. It's only in extreme circumstances that reservists would have to join and help out the regular forces. 

There will be interactive displays, demonstrations, and conversations with soldiers at the job fair and Army personnel to talk about job opportunities. 

But it's not just a job fair. It also serves as an open house for anybody to come in and learn about the Army Reserve and what reservists do. So, even if you don't want to apply, you can still go to the events. 

You can find out where your local armoury and job fair is here

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