You don't need me to tell you that Canadian beauty brand The Ordinary went through rough times in 2018, following the former CEO Brandon Truaxe's very public and chaotic meltdown. It all started two months ago when Truaxe posted a cryptic video on Instagram in which he claimed that illegal activity was going on at the company. He then shut down all of Deciem and The Ordinary's websites and closed all store locations

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It seemed like the end for The Ordinary and Canadians quickly went into panic mode, but considering both Deciem and The Ordinary are operated by Estee Lauder, it didn't take long for Brandon Truaxe to get the boot. While both Deciem and The Ordinary were revived, it didn't change that The Ordinary had left Sephora earlier in the year for an unexplained reason that left many fans of the skincare brand disappointed. 

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Thankfully, The Ordinary is starting off 2019 in the best way after it was announced yesterday that the skincare brand would be returning to Sephora Canada as well as the United States. This time though, Nicole Kilner will be leading the brand as the new CEO of the company. 

To make matters more exciting, not only are they bringing back their cult favourite products, but it was also revealed that there are going to be more than 50 new products coming in 2019 that are currently in development and production. One of the new lines the brand is aiming to release this year is going to be a baby line called "Hippooh," where products contain no more than five ingredients. They also are planning to release a body care line called "Loopha." 

The expansion for The Ordinary isn't just happening online either. According to Trend Mood, the brand is planning to expand their physical stores by opening locations in Los Angeles and Europe. Clearly, the people behind The Ordinary want to make 2019 their year. 

@theordinary_thembedded via  

@theordinary_thembedded via  

We definitely aren't complaining, considering the more inexpensive yet effective skincare and makeup products on the market, the happier us beauty lovers and our wallets are!

While there are no definitive release dates for the new products, The Ordinary is already back on Sephora as of right now, meaning you can check out what's currently available by clicking here, happy shopping! 

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