Going on a trip out of the country is fun - but before the fun begins, every traveller must get their passport stamped by a border agent. That’s always near the top of the list of the most tedious steps to get through before takeoff. 

Canada’s border officers are getting some negative attention today, as it has come to light that there were nearly 900 complaints filed against them last year.

Many of these complaints centred around the officers allegedly disrespecting people traveling, but that doesn’t mean it always happened. 

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In total, Canadian Border Agents had 875 complaints filed against them last year by people attempting to get into Canada.

Of those 875 complaints, only 105 were found to have actual merit to them.

The Agency says this means that 105 cases had, "aspects in the allegations made in the complaint (that) were valid." 

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Many of the complaints that were found to be accurately centred around issues such as racism and incivility.

Some examples include people being denied access to translators, one officer apparently called a traveller "ugly."

There was also an apparent case where a woman had a medical emergency and passed out, while an officer screamed at her.  

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Unlike police forces in Canada, border officers are not overseen by an independent organization that produces public reports on complaints. All complaints are handled internally by the Canada Border Services Agency.

If these numbers seem high to you, remember that border officers in Canada saw 95 million people travelling into Canada. 

So your chances of actually having an experience so bad that you’ll need to file a complaint are quite slim.  

Source: CP24

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