Skin shoes are a real thing in Canada and they literally will make your skin crawl. The Canadian designers behind Montreal brand Fecal Matter have created a shoe that is unlike any other you've ever seen. Their shoes look exactly like how they sound – boots that look like they are real skin and directly attached to the feet. 

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The silicone-like shoes are thigh-high boots that are made to look like a real human leg and foot. They were made by Canadian designers Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran and took months to create, which is the reason behind their $10,000 price tag. 

Check out the photos of the skin-like shoes for yourself.

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The designers have said that all their pieces are created with the intention of getting an emotional reaction. "A lot of times what these big brands don’t have is emotion," they told CTV News. "Consumption has sort of become something where people don’t really feel any more so for us it’s important to actually see that people are feeling something, whether good or bad, at least it’s something."

The designers also said that while some people have called the shoes disgusting, there have been several orders for the $10,000 skin shoes, according to CTV News

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So what prompted Fecal Matter to create this type of footwear? "The intention behind the shoe is really to question what it means to be human," Bhaskaran told CTV News. "We’ve always been fascinated by the human body and experimenting with what that could look like."

If you want to find out more about the skin shoes or Fecal Matter, you can visit their social media pages

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