Canada may be a great place to live, but that doesn't mean that people never leave. Work opportunities, relationships, and other factors can drive a person's decision to leave their home country. Luckily, Canadian expats in Mexico, the United States, or anywhere else in the world are still allowed to vote in the upcoming election.

In a Supreme Court decision which came down in January 2019, a law that prevented Canadians who had lived abroad for more than five years from voting was struck down. In the 5-2 decision, Chief Justice Richard Wagner wrote, "Denying citizens the right to vote not only strikes at the heart of their fundamental rights, but also comes at the expense of their dignity and their sense of self-worth."

So Canadian expats, even ones who have lived outside of the country for years, still have the right to vote. Why did they leave in the first place, though? There are plenty of reasons, and Canadians shared theirs in a recent Reddit thread.

One of the most surprising aspects of most of the responses is that people who left Canada generally seem to work in the field of scientific research. This could, in some sense, point to the lack of opportunities in Canada for researchers. It could also highlight the benefits of working as a researcher overseas as compared to the kind of lifestyle the job offers in Canada.

There were other replies from Canadians who had moved to the United States and, surprisingly, found their healthcare to be better (even if they did have to pay for it). Many of those replies come from people who had insurance through their jobs, though.

Even with the risk of having to pay for a medical procedure, it's hard not to see the argument in shorter wait times at the ER. Healthcare improvements in Canada are pretty much always an election issue. With all of the cuts taking place in Ontario, people will most likely be thinking about it even more.

Among the Canadians who decided to leave and pursue opportunities in other parts of the world, there were some who longed to come back.

Overall, it seemed like the biggest reason that people leave Canada is searching for better opportunities, especially in the fields of science and research. If Canadian politicians want to make the country more attractive to the talented people who are leaving to work elsewhere, they might consider talking more about scientific funding.

Still, it's hard to deny that some people just leave because Canada's weather isn't that great sometimes.

However, Liberal or Conservative, there's probably not too much that politicians can do about Canada's famously cold winters.

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