Experts at The Weather Network are encouraging Canadians to enjoy the last of the summer-warmth this week because as we move into fall, some pretty wild weather is coming! Their latest report reveals that Canadian fall weather is about to “make itself felt across the country,” as the next few months are expected to break significant weather records, pretty much from coast to coast!

Fall officially kicked off earlier this week, and initially, Canadians couldn’t get enough of the orange leaves and the pumpkin-spiced everything! However, according to The Weather Network, this fall-lovin’ may be short-lived, as the season is expected to bring record-breaking cold temperatures, rainfall, and even uncomfortable heat!

The cold will be kicking off as early as this weekend in some parts of the country, as the Okanagan is expected to experience temperatures around the freezing mark. While these temperatures should rise again through the course of the weekend, other areas of British Columbia will not be so lucky. 

Over in Cranbrook, temperatures will not get higher than mid-single digits throughout the weekend, and experts believe there is a real chance the city will break the current September low-temperature record by Monday. Back in September 2000, the record low was set at -6.9 C degrees, but Cranbrook could be colder than that by next week!

Worse still, things aren't looking much better in the rest of the country, either!

Over in Calgary and Lethbridge, things are looking slightly less grim, although not by much! While there will for-sure be some pretty cold weather across the Rockies, temperatures are not expected to reach record-breaking lows. That said, this month could still be the coldest September in the area since the 1970s! Yikes!

Albertans are no strangers to snow in September; however, the end of September 2019 could bring some snowstorms that “stand to pack a wallop, even by Alberta standards.” While Calgary is expected to avoid most of this snowfall, The Weather Network’s experts warn locals to not get too excited because the city may still experience some "sneaky snow!"

If there’s one thing that nobody is desperate for in September, it is a month full of rain! Sadly, for parts of B.C., including Vancouver, this is exactly what they’re going to get! As the month draws in, heavy rainfall is expected to make it one of the wettest Septembers on record in B.C. Yuck!

While a warm October certainly sounds pretty pleasant for eastern Canada, southern Ontario and Quebec might just get a little uncomfortable! Records are expected to be broken across-the-board here, as a “strong southwest flow” will make the beginning of October feel like July!

There will be no need for sweaters or scarves in southern Ontario, as early-October temperatures are expected to reach beyond 30 degrees, with humidex values going through the roof!

The Weather Network predicts that many all-time October records in the region could be broken next month, including some that have been active since the 1940s!

If you’re not sure what-on-earth is going on with the weather in your area, you can check out The Weather Network’s official Fall Forecast by clicking here!

Whether you’ll be rocking your raincoat, snowsuit, sweater, or shorts this fall, make sure to go out and enjoy the beautiful Canadian season!

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