If you're truly Canadian then you definitely watched every second of the nail-biting women's hockey finals last night. Both teams were evenly matched which made for an intensely good game. In the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Canada and the USA team battled it out on the ice, similar to last night, but after going into overtime, the Canadian team took home the gold.

Last night, the American team were awarded their gold medals after winning in a shootout. It's fair to say that the USA team was stacked with great players and they earned their medal - even though that breaks my heart to say. Both teams played a great game but in the end, Canada lost.

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Canadians are known for two things, playing hockey and being really really nice. Although, there is one Canadian Olympian who is getting quite a bad rep after last night's game. Canadian hockey player, Jocelyne Larocque is being called "Un-Canadian" because she refused to wear her silver medal during the medal ceremony after the game.

After the medal was placed around Larocque's neck, she quickly tore it off and held it in her hand for the rest of the ceremony. Fans everywhere are calling her out for being "unsportsmanlike" and a "sore loser". One fan went so far as to call her "Un-Canadian" in a tweet you can find down below.

Understandably, Larocque was devastated from this crushing loss, but refusing to wear her medal during the entire ceremony was definitely an "unsportsmanlike" thing to do.

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