We've been hearing about it for weeks, now it's officially a reality - Canada Post is on strike. The union's deadline to reach a deal came and passed at 12:01 AM this morning. Now, they're taking action, but the strike isn't really as dramatic as it might seem.

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First of all, instead of Canada Post completely shutting down and sending the country into total chaos, the service will be holding "rotating strikes" in four cities - Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor, and Halifax.

If you live in one of these cities, don't get too worked up. The strike will only be lasting 24 hours. While mail will be delayed by a day, it will still make it to your mailbox.

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Reactions from locals in the city range from mild frustration to complete indifference. That's because, with mail being delayed by a whole 24 hours, it doesn't cause a major disruption to regular service.

According to Canada Post documents, transportation times for mail and parcels in Victoria, BC, and Halifax, NS is anywhere from 2-11 business days. Mail and parcels in Edmonton, AB, and Windsor, ON can take anywhere from 1-12 business days to be transported. On top of those days, you've also got to add an extra for preparation.

Isn't it easy to see why this is also known as "snail mail"? No wonder everything is digital these days. Residents in the affected cities hardly seem to care that the strike is happening, with some claiming that they won't notice the difference anyway:

Ultimately, the Canadian Union of Postal workers is looking to improve issues such as job security, forced overtime, health, and safety of workers, as well as gender equality. They've stated they remain committed to negotiating a deal.

In the meantime, Canadians in other cities can anticipate more 24-hour delayed mail as part of the rotating strikes.

Sources: Canada Post, BT Toronto

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