I know we have freedom of speech and everything - but be careful with what you say online. A man from Edmonton has gotten himself into a lot of trouble by saying some not-so-nice things about our Prime Minister online.

41-year-old man, Robert Dale Kerr was charged with one count of uttering threats just last week. This all started on February 5th after the RCMP's Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) received information about threats that Kerr had posted online. 

@justinpjtrudeauembedded via

Not only did Kerr feel the need to express his distaste towards our Prime Minister, he also uttered threats against the federal government. INSET received this information and began investigating Dale's threats on social media. 

Dale was released from police custody with only a few teeny tiny conditions. Dale is not allowed to be within 500 metres of any place where the Prime Minister is present, he's not allowed to leave his province of Alberta, and most shockingly of all, he is not allowed to use ANY social media sites. 

This is a lesson for all of you out there who want to keep their internet privileges. Never ever threaten Justin Trudeau because he will ban you from using your favourite social media sites.

Source: Global News

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