Oh my god.

A quick-thinking bus driver is now being called a hero after he rescued 16 children from a bus that caught on fire.

Via Twitter/@PAFireDept

The terrifying incident took place on Friday morning when the bus driver, Mark Jenkins was driving his kids to school. The bus driver was near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan when he smelt something funny coming from his bus. 

He quickly realized something was wrong and immediately came to a stop. Jenkins sought out two high school students for help and together they were able to get all 16 children safely off of the bus.

Good thing he got them off when he did because the bus quickly erupted into flames! 


Via Twitter/@PAFireDept

The Prince Albert fire department was dispatched and arrived on the scene shortly after. The fire chief, Jason Everitt said, "He looked after the kids first and then tried to deal with the fire after that, so [I] give huge kudos and appreciation to the driver."

The fire department stated that by the time they had arrived at the scene, the bus was already in flames. According to officials, a mechanical issue is to blame. 

This fiery incident could have ended badly if it wasn't for Mark Jenkins. We're so happy that the bus driver and the two high schoolers were able to think quickly and get everyone to safety! 

Source: CTV News

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