If there were an award for Canada's most heartwarming video of the year, a man rescuing a baby moose would be up there, right? Well, that is exactly what went down after writer and wildlife biologist, Chris Fisher, found a panicked-looking moose calf with its hoof caught in a barbed wire fence. Fisher rescued the young moose on Sunday while walking the outskirts of Rimbey, a small town in Alberta.

Sunday also happened to be Mother’s Day, which made the whole rescue mission even more heartwarming as the calf’s concerned mother can be seen in the video watching from a distance. In the video, the calf can be heard groaning in pain as it struggles. Then, Fisher gets to work to set it free. With mother moose closeby, Fisher says he was actually putting his own safety at risk.

 “There’s very few things that are as dangerous as a momma moose,” Fisher explained in an interview with CTV News.

“With my wire-cutters, I was able to snap the top wire which was wrapped around the front of the cow’s foot. I then got the bottom wire, which was wrapped around the back.”

The events that followed the brief clip are stressful to watch. Fisher tells CTV that he made sure to keep a close eye on the mother after he had freed her calf, backing off quickly when she jumped over the fence to be reunited with her baby.

 “Shortly thereafter the mother jumped over, scared me away and was able to free the calf,” Fisher explained.

It’s always a shame when someone posts a heartwarming video like this and we don’t get to see the happy ending. However, Fisher had a good reason for ducking out.

“When she started to approach, I quickly backed away and actually didn’t manage to get the video of the baby worming its way free.”

According to Fisher, the calf managed to walk away from the incident with only a few scrapes and should be able to recover.

“With the mother approaching, I stopped recording, but I can assure everyone that all ended happily on this Mother's Day,” he tweeted.

Fisher later responded to the video that he had felt guilty about cutting the wire fence to save the moose, but felt reassured when he noticed there were no cows around. "I did feel bad about cutting the barbed wire fence, but there were no cows on the other side and I was able to leave the two middle intact," he wrote.

But, he was quickly reassured. "Nothing bad about saving a baby moose!!! That fence is easily repaired...you did the right thing," one viewer replied. Since the video went viral, Fisher has gotten heaps of praise for his Canadian act of bravery - and it's definitely well-deserved!

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