At the surface, Netflix is killing it right now. After releasing back to back hits with Bird Box and Black Mirror's Bandersnatch, it seems as if there has never been a better time watch Netflix. Though if you're the one paying for the subscription, this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the changes to the platform over the past few months have been so aggressive and frustrating that Canadian Netflix users are now cancelling their subscriptions and looking elsewhere for better streaming.

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The amount of Canadians cancelling their subscriptions speaks volumes, considering that we don't have as many streaming platform options as the United States. The changes that Netflix has been pushing on their customers have clearly been frustrating enough for people to leave the platform altogether. To show exactly why customers are leaving and how bad it's gotten in the eyes of many, we've compiled the top 11 reasons why Netflix users have been dropping like flies.

11. Constant connectivity issues. 

Many Netflix users have noticed as of late that they are experiencing more connectivity issues.  For example just last week, Canadians kept getting a "site error" when they tried to access Netflix. The glitch didn't affect every user in Canada, but it was enough to cause a meltdown on Twitter, to say the least. This isn't the first time Netflix has been finicky as of recent. Many users complain that they often get random error messages that limit them from watching their shows. 

10. Removing their secret menus

When Netflix administered its latest update, users believed the platform would be bigger and better than ever before as a result. Instead, they returned to the platform to learn that one of the best search features was now gone as a result of that update. The feature being the "secret menu" that allowed you to find more shows and also choose the bitrate that you watched your shows on that allowed you to use less bandwidth. 

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9. Increasing their prices yet again

One of the biggest appeals to Netflix, in the beginning, was its price. That's no longer the case in many Canadians' minds after the streaming service hiked their rates by $3. Where the basic plan increased to $9.99, the standard plan reached $13.99 and the premium plan was raised to $16.99 a month. This hike in specific was especially frustrating considering there are cable plans in Canada that you can find for only a few dollars more. 

The Death Of Netflix

8. The amount of money they spent on Friends

While many Netflix fans rejoiced to the news of Friends not leaving the platform, when people found out how much money the streaming service had to fork over to keep it, that excitement turned into outrage. The anger definitely wasn't misplaced, considering that a $30 million investment in only one show for a year would definitely not relieve Netflix's biggest issue, being a lack of quality content.

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7. Competitors having better content. 

While Netflix was the first big streaming service, content-wise the platform has been lagging. As a result, users have been flocking to other platforms such as HBO and CraveTV as a result of having better movies and TV shows in comparison. 

6. Blocking users from using VPNs to access content from other countries. 

While it would often be a pain that other countries could get better content than Canadians, for many users this could be a quick fix through the use of a VPN. With the VPN, users could trick Netflix into thinking they were in a different country so they could watch the content offered. Unfortunately, Netflix caught on and updated their service so users couldn't use VPNs leaving a lot of angry users looking for other companies when it comes to their streaming services. 

5. Prolonged "lull" periods between hot shows and movies. 

Netflix seems to have a habit of releasing way too much good content in too small of a timespan. While at first, this can seem great as a user who suddenly has so much content to binge, it also results in users experiencing months without new exciting content. In comparison to other streaming platforms that put out quality content more frequently such as HBO, Netflix's main weakness when it comes to content becomes especially obvious during the "lull" periods. 

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4. Blockbusters only being available for a limited time before leaving the platform.

While Netflix will bring on massive titles such as Star Wars' Solo spinoff that arrived this month, the big flicks only seem to last so long before they are quickly removed from the site. It's likely due to the titles being more expensive for Netflix to host on the site, but the short shelf life of more recent movies has definitely angered fans who are often left to watch old outdated movies. 

3. Lack of selection in comparison to the United States. 

Each country has different content when it comes to Netflix, but if there is one country's platform in specific that has the mecca of selection, it's the United States. This can be especially frustrating for Canadians who are streaming from just over the border but can't access the same content. 

2. Losing fan favourite shows like New Girl and Bob's Burgers

While the draw of Netflix is its original movies and series as well as cult classics, another aspect many people love when it comes to the streaming site is rediscovering older shows. A perfect example would be New Girl and Bob's Burgers. Despite not being the newest shows on the block, both were massively successful thanks to their humour and charm that won streamers over. Unfortunately, both shows were axed this past month with no explanation, leaving many users frustrated as some were even cut off midway through watching the series. 

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1. Frequent cancellations of Netflix original series. 

While Netflix seems like an extremely profitable and successful company, in reality, the streaming service is struggling financially. This is especially obvious when it comes to how quick Netflix will give up on its original series. Often if a series doesn't deliver to the viral standard the site needs to bring in more customers, it will get axed. Perfect examples of  Netflix original series that had large followings yet were still cancelled are Sense8 and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

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