Many Canadians share their Netflix account with others. Whether it's your ex-boyfriend, best friend or family member, chances are that you used their account or vice versa. However, all of that may soon change. Canadians will not be able to share Netflix accounts if a new technology is used by the streaming service. 

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A video software firm has recently found a way to block people from sharing Netflix accounts with others. Synamedia has revealed their new artificial intelligence technology to the public. The company claims that this software could help save streaming companies billions of dollars. 

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According to The Independent, over a quarter of millennials share their Netflix accounts, based on data from market research company Magid. So this new change could impact tons of people. 

Research shows that password sharing accounts for a total of $9.9 billion USD of revenue loss for pay-TV services and $1.2 billion USD of over-the-top revenues, according to The Standard. Synamedia is looking to help streaming services take back some of those losses. "Casual credentials sharing is becoming too expensive to ignore," said Jean Marc Racine, the CPO of Synamedia, according to Digital Spy.


So do you need to panic yet? Well according to Digital Spy, if you share the account with others, Netflix may make you upgrade to a premium account, meaning you have to pay more every month.

The Death Of Netflix

The streaming service even announced that it is raising its prices by $3.00 a month in February 2019, so the extra cost could push people to cancel their Netflix accounts altogether. 

Certain accounts could even be shut down, according to Digital Spy. However, this would likely happen to the more extreme cases, such as "if it finds it is being shared wider and that passwords are being sold through for-profit operations", reports Digital Spy.

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The company has even said it is already doing trials with several of pay-TV operators, but would not disclose which companies. This means Netflix could potentially already be testing this technology out. Synamedia said that streaming services will be able to implement the technology into existing platforms. 

If Netflix starts cracking down on users that share accounts, this could be the push that results in many more people cancelling their accounts. Canadians have already not been happy with how Netflix has been operating lately. From price hikes to taking off popular shows like New Girl and Bob's Burgers, many factors have been driving Canadians to outright cancel their Netflix accounts

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