For anyone who has a friend or family member in nursing, you definitely know how valuable they are to their community. They work long hours, they take care of our most vulnerable, and more often then not they go above and beyond to make sure the job gets done right. 

Well, it looks like if anyone out there is a nurse, there is a place willing to compensate you to the 9th degree. These perks can include: relocation allowances, signing bonuses of up to $20,000, money that goes toward continuing education, a 13-week rotation at different medical facilities, tuition reimbursement for employees and their children, and even more.

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However, it does require you living and working in the Untied States. Due to America's massive nursing shortage combined with the large baby boomer population hitting retirement age, the need for nurses has resulted in some insane recruitment tactics. 

According to the American Nurses Association, "the U.S. will need to produce more than one million new registered nurses by 2022 to fulfill the country's health care needs".

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West Virginia's WVU Medicine for example, runs eight hospitals in the state, are are currently looking to hire 200 nurses. As a way to make it worth their while, they've offered some pretty amazing perks. This includes free housing, compensation for travel, and tuition reimbursement for staff and their kids. 

Mary Fanning, director of WVU Medicine Nursing Administration said, "It's for nurses and for all of our staff who've been here for five or more years. We're also extending it for their children to fully cover their college tuition if they go to West Virginia University or partially cover tuition if they go elsewhere," 

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So if you're a Canadian nurse, willing to travel - there are some pretty exciting opportunists for you. 

Source: CNN, WVU Medicine 

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