The Government of Canada has just released a statement over the concern of the health and well-being of their Canadian officials in Cuba. A majority of the Canadians officials who have been working at the Canadian embassy in Havana, Cuba have started to fall ill due to a mysterious illness. The Canadian Government is continuing to investigate the illness and the cause of the illness but have yet to discover an answer. 

14 Canadians have been affected by this mysterious illness so far and are receiving medical attention as is required. These Canadians include officials of the Canadian embassy as well as spouses of these employees. 

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Due to this illness and the amount of Canadians that it is affecting, the Government of Canada has decided to pull half of the Canadian staff that is posted in Havana and bring them back home to Canada. 

In the Government of Canada's statement, they showed concern for their fellow employees, "the health, safety, and security of our diplomatic staff and their families remain our priority". 

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Some of the symptoms that these Canadians have been facing have been dizziness, headaches and difficulties concentrating. 

These health concerns first started to appear in Havana in the spring of 2017, since then Canada has already decided to close cooperations with Cuban authorities, and now are making the decision to limit their staff.  

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While the amount of employees in the Canadian embassy is being cut in half, the Government of Canada ensures that the embassy will still be running and Canadians will have access to it. The Government warns that while full consular services will be available, some other programs may need to be adjusted as the week continues.

At the moment, there haven't been any travel advisories listed for Cuba in regards to this mysterious disease. The Government of Canada states that there is no evidence that travelers in Cuba will be at risk to fall ill. 

Yet, they do warn to continue to check back to the Government of Canada's Travel Advice and Advisories to see the latest updates on the situation. 

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