Canada's famous short-track couple, Charles Hamelin and Marianne St-Gelais have formally announced their split. The couple is famous for their kisses, short track records and their decorated Olympic history. Canadians are devastated to learn that the iconic couple is breaking up.

The speed skaters rose to fame after their celebrated victories in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. St-Gelais was one of four Canadian athletes to win multiple medals in Vancouver. She won 2 silver medals on her 20th birthday. Her fiancé won a gold medal and they had a passionate kiss that came shortly after! This kiss celebrated their love and Canada became obsessed with the Olympic "super couple".

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After ten long years together, they have formally announced their split. This comes on the heels of the Olympics and their retirement from the sport. They announced last month after news of their retirement that they planned to start a family - so the news of their break up definitely shocked fans. 

The couple assures fans that they remain on good terms. Even though it seems like a surprising decision, the decision to end their relationship was "well thought out".

Source: Metro News

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