These past few days of the Pyeongchang Olympics games have been a major rollercoaster for Canada. While we did reach a record high in winning medals we also lost in some major events that Canada has been known to sweep. However maybe one of the most heartbreaking performances was  Olympic skater Gabrielle Daleman's free skate. 

While Daleman is a decorated skating pro and a top world champion, her recent performance at the Pyeongchang Olympics just didn't reflect it. With three falls, two over-rotations, a doubled-down triple, an agonizingly slow camel spin - the program she ran wasn't a reflection of her talent.  And was one that ended in tears for her. 

However after the disappointing performance, Gabrielle Daleman took to her social media to talk to her fans and those watching the free skate. 

"Today was a tough go, it wasn’t how I’ve been training nor what I’m capable of, but through good and bad I know that they will always be with me and so will all of you!! You are such an unbelievable team, I don’t know what I did to deserve all of this love and support, but I thank god every single day!! On the Plus side I’m still leaving these games as an Olympic champion!"

@gabby_dalemanembedded via

While she did own up to the that fact that it wasn't a reflection on how she'd been trained to perform, she did thank her team for their continual support and ended on a positive note saying that on the plus side, she's still walking away this Olympics a champion. 

To that we say, you go Gabrielle! Keep your head up and you'll get them in 2022.

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