What’s your worst air travel horror story? Did you have to sit next to a screaming child for hours once? Or did security confiscate some things from your luggage and give you a hard time about it?

Those are both nothing compared to what’s happening to people on planes that left Canada for Japan recently.

They’re turning around, and flying all the way back here even if they’re really close to their destination, and for good reason. 

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One such flight is Air Canada’s Rouge Air flight 1951. It was on its way to Osaka Japan and was almost there but has been told to turn around a fly back to Vancouver, where it departed from.

Why would planes be turning around and basically doubling their flight time just to land back where they started? 

Japan is currently being hit by a massive typhoon named Jebi right now, meaning its clearly unsafe for planes to be flying in the weather there. 

Even if the plane did manage to somehow make it to the airport in Osaka it couldn’t land even if it wanted to. One of the runways at the airport has been flooded by the storm, making it impossible for any planes to land. 

The airport in Osaka was open when the plane took off, according to Air Canada.

So far, Typhoon Jebi has killed at least 2 people and has injured over 100 more. 

Source: CBC

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