In a joint effort with India police, the RCMP have successfully arrested a number of suspects who they believe are behind those terrible CRA scams. The scams have been traced back to numerous call centres in India and now RCMP revealed just who is behind them. 

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According to RCMP, Indian police have raided a number of call centres suspected to be linked to the scams over the last two weeks. Of the numerous people arrested, the majority of them are millennials. 

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In one call centre raid alone, police say they arrested 28 people allegedly behind the scams. Of those 28 suspects, almost all of them were in their twenties. 

It shouldn't be surprising that millennials are behind these elaborate scams. This generation is most often associated with our advanced technical skills from growing up in the age of the internet. It also explains why most of the victims were elderly Canadians. 

The scams involved robocalls to Canadian victims. The call centres used spoofing technology to make it look like the numbers were from Canada. In the calls, they told Canadians that they had to call them back or they would be arrested. They then are told if they pay money the whole thing would go away. 

Thousands of Canadians, mostly vulnerable victims like the elderly, have been tricked by the scam. RCMP estimate the total money the scammers have gotten away with is close to $10 million. 

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Police have gotten a start on taking down these millennial scam artists, but that doesn't mean Canadians are safe. Indian Police and RCMP have said that there are still dozens more illegal call centres operating in India. They will be conducting more raids to take them down. 

Source: CBC

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