Canadian Thanksgiving is upon us, and that means that it's time for turkey, pumpkin pie, maybe some touch football, and more than a few uncomfortable political discussions. Of course, even in the midst of an election, the Canadian federal leaders are spending some time with their families. The Canadian politician's Thanksgiving messages are all really different and some are even receiving some backlash online.

However, that doesn't mean that they have gone silent on social media. Quite the opposite, actually. The leader of each party sent out their own, unique Thanksgiving tweets, wishing Canadians a happy holiday and sharing everything from family photos to a poutine recipe.

Of course, at least one leader took the opportunity to keep campaigning. In his tweet wishing Canadians a happy Thanksgiving, PPC leader Maxime Bernier also asked for electoral support.

"Are you thankful for having a meaningful option to vote for in this election? If so, please do something to show it. Support your local @peoplespca candidate. Become a member. Share our platform with a friend. Donate. Happy Thanksgiving!" Bernier wrote in his tweet, which included a link for people to donate to the party.

Three other federal leaders used their Thanksgiving tweets to share photos of them with their families. 


Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, and Elizabeth May each shared a photo with their families wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.



Trudeau and Scheer, however, both got called out for reusing old photos of them with their families. "You’re not all together today to snap a current family photo? Had to go back in the archive? Weird," @GBPtbo replied to Trudeau's tweet. Meanwhile, @judgar64 replied to Scheer's tweet, writing, "What’s really funny, even his family time pictures are fake! This is an old picture 😂"

Andrew Scheer originally posted his photo on August 16. Trudeau's photo does not appear on his social media, although he and his family appear to be wearing the same outfits as they were in a photo dated August 27.

Meanwhile, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh got in the spirit of the holiday by sharing a video in which he makes Punjabi poutine. Singh blends sweet potatoes, cheese curds, and a Punjabi curry sauce to make the dish.

Whatever political affiliations Canadians have, Thanksgiving is at least one day when they can put their differences aside and enjoy a good meal and some quality time with friends and family. Well, in theory.

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