Have you ever dreamed of taking your favourite celebrity to prom as your date?  For one Toronto student, his fantasy prom night may soon become a reality.   A student who goes by the name of Kishore T. is making headlines for his incredible "promposal" to Canadian actress Nina Dobrev, asking her to be his date to his high school prom.  Dobrev is best known for her roles on Degrassi: The Next Generation and The Vampire Diaries

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Kishore's video features his top-notch dance moves set to Drake’s "Best I Ever Had," Bruno Mars’s "Finesse" and "Paatha Oru Lookula" from Bollywood film Inimey Ippadithan.

In the video, Kishore says, "If you could come, that would be amazing."

Although Nina Dobrev currently lives in Los Angeles, Kishore explains that he hopes she will make a trip back to her hometown of Toronto for the day of his prom, which is May 2nd of this year.  "Anyway, I can guarantee it will be an unforgettable night for both of us. I can’t wait to see you soon and I hope you say yes."

Kishore, a self-proclaimed actor, dancer, and entertainer, is arguably Dobrev's biggest fan.  He's even met her (and her dog!) before:

@_kishore_embedded via  

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Nina has not yet responded to Kishore's outrageous promposal, but based on his killer moves, something tells me he won't have any trouble finding another date if she declines.

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