Frankly, we can’t get enough of this. After blowing up on TikTok recently, Canadian Tire’s Frank brand has got quite the reception. And it's left many people wondering what’s next for the hilarious character. 

Well, Narcity reached out to CT and it turns out Frank has some pretty exciting plans for the future.

According to the company’s VP of Merchandise, Doug Young, Frank started as a rogue idea, but all this recent fame could mean a renewed presence on social media.

“I launched Frank working with my team and it was just an idea, we didn’t know where it would go. [...] We started a Twitter account but quickly shut it down because it was against, at the time, where we wanted to go from a Canadian Tire perspective,” Young said. 

“But with all of this newfound fame, you might see Frank in the [social media] space at some point.”

Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised to hear about people sliding into his DMs if this does happen. Oh, hey, Frank!

As far as introducing merchandise or a friend, Young says he’ll leave those decisions up to Frank himself. 

But one thing’s for sure. This playful character has certainly made grocery shopping a little more fun for Canadians.

Because who doesn’t love a good pun?

Initially, the quirky brand launched in 2013 as a home essentials line, a way for the store to experiment and have a little fun with a private label. 

The team behind Frank wanted to find a way to put out good quality products without being just producing another boring roll of paper towel.

“We had nothing to lose by trying and being a little bit more risky with the product and having fun with it,” Young explained.

“It was all about having fun with the packaging and catching the consumer’s eye with the Frank-isms.” 

And, boy, did they ever catch our eye. 

When it comes to this brand, part of the fun is in the thrill of the find, as there are always new and punny products hitting the shelves. 

But, as playful as the character is, Frank is all about being simple and honest, Young explains.

“Frank is just Frank. It isn’t Frank’s plural, Frank isn’t a he. Frank is just a personality that has a lot of fun in different categories.”

Well, it doesn't get more frank than that.

So keep your eyes peeled on Twitter because you never know what's next for this new favourite Canadian character.

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