With cannabis being legal for more than a year now, it's no surprise that people are being open about using cannabis products. Specifically, Canadian universities are seeing a lot of students use marijuana according to a new survey. And it turns out some university programs have more students using than the rest.

According to Maclean's annual survey, students at Canadian universities reported higher marijuana use in 2019 than in 2018.

The student survey polls those studying at universities across Canada about their drug and alcohol use.

Overall, just over half of students reported that they've never used marijuana which is down from 60% in 2018.

When it comes to which programs have a lot of potheads, this year, drama students have once again self-reported themselves as the biggest marijuana users.

Of those in drama programs, 61.4% of students said that they are cannabis users in 2019 which is up from 55.8% in 2018.

Following closely behind are students in political science with 55.2%.

Geography, economics, and business round out the top five programs with the most students reporting that they use marijuana at 54.6%, 53.3%, and 51.8% respectively. 

Students from other programs seem to dabble less in the drug or maybe they are just a little less forthcoming about their drug use. 

Conversely, chemistry, accounting, linguistics, computer science, and math programs all have the least amount of students saying that they use cannabis. 

With math programs, in particular, only 33.2% of students self-reported using the drug which is the least out of all the other programs.

When it comes to specific universities, St. Francis Xavier University and Bishop's University have the most students using cannabis.

"For the second year in a row, students at Bishop’s and St. Francis Xavier universities claimed the top two spots for overall use, but flipped positions in 2019," Maclean's stated.

A little more than 65% of students who are studying at St. Francis Xavier said they use it and 61.8% of students at Bishop's University claiming the same.

Even though only 41.8% of students at Brock University said they've used weed before, a whopping 57.4% said they use it on a daily basis. 

No other university even comes close to that.


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